Membership Plans

  • No email or login required
  • Auto-assignment of unique username
  • Identity saved with cookie
  • Must use same web device or browser to maintain identity
  • No following other members
  • No liking of timers
  • No private messaging
  • Possible ads visible in future
  • Simple email login
  • Your choice of username with vanity url at
  • Identity saved with login
  • Use any web browser on desktop or mobile, or mobile app (coming soon)
  • Like other timers to give others feedback
  • Limited journal history access
  • Limited reporting
  • Unlimited member following
  • Unlimited private messaging
  • Possible ads visible in future
  • Everything in the Basic plan plus:
  • Unlimited journal history access
  • Privacy options, including private timers
  • Optionally upload an image with each timer finish note
  • Create and manage a team of other premium members
  • Advanced reporting and charts
  • No ads, ever

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