Timmy FAQs

What is Timmy?

Timmy is a social Pomodoro timer, where all timers are public. Combining the proven Pomodoro technique with social accountability, a leaderboard, and a supportive community, Timmy will maximize your motivation to get stuff done.

In a nutshell, Timmy is like “Twitter for productivity.”

What's the story behind Timmy?

Timmy was created by Ron in April of 2020. See our About Page for the rest of the story.

Is there a mobile app for Timmy?

Yes, Timmy is available for both iOS and Android! Please leave a 5-star rating and review if you like it!

Apple App Store linkGoogle Play Store link

You can use your same login on the app that you use on the website, and everything should look and work the same on either platform.

Using Timmy as an app has the advantage of getting push notifications when your timers and breaks finish, even if you close the app or aren't looking at your phone or tablet.

What are the Community Rules?

Our Community Rules
  1. Be honest. With yourself and our community.
  2. Be on topic. Use timers only for stuff that adds value to your life: work, study, chores, exercise, meditation, etc. Don’t run up timer hours on sleep, watching Netflix, eating, etc.
  3. Be nice. No insults, gratuitous obscenities, vulgarities, hate speech, politics, religion, spam, or links to any of the above, either in timer notes or private messages.
  4. Be supportive. Recognize the efforts of other members and Like their timers occasionally. If someone is struggling, send them a supportive private message. We’re all in this together.

Is there a "premium" version of Timmy?

There will be, soon. See our Plans page for more info about our different membership plans.

How do I edit or delete one of my timers?

In the activity feed (on the main page, or on your profile page), you'll see 3 vertical dots on the far right side of the timer notes - click those dots, and a Timer Actions menu will open up.

The menu will contain both Edit Timer and Delete Timer links, assuming it's one of your timers.

If you click the 3 dots to open the menu on someone else's timer, you'll see a link to Flag Timer (flag it as inappropriate content, so an admin will review and remove if it breaks our community rules).

What is the number next to some usernames in the activity feed?

The number next to some usernames in the feed, like #42, is that user’s current place on the 24-hour leaderboard.

What is the time/date cutoff for the 24-Hour Leaderboard?

Since our users are located all around the world, we base our 24-Hour Leaderboard on a rolling 24-hour period, which starts 24 hours ago and ends at the current time, no matter where you are located.

How do I get more Likes on my timers?

1. Be descriptive, honest, and verbose with your Plan and Result notes. (Nobody will Like a blank note or a “.” low-effort note.)

2. Add a little humor to your note if possible. Self-deprecating humor is especially effective.

3. Shout out another member with @username in your timer notes to show you notice their progress.

4. Take a pic of your work product, upload it to https://imgur.com, and post the imgur link (sure-fire method)

5. Give Likes to other members’ timers, send supportive PMs, Follow other members, and in general become “known” and friendly in our community.

How do I report a bug, request a feature, or tell the developer how awesome he is?

Please send all bug reports, feature requests, questions, and feedback in general via PM to Ron.

If for some reason you cannot do that (e.g. if you can't log in), then send email to hello@timmytimer.com.