About Timmy

Timmy is a social productivity timer. Blending elements from the Pomodoro technique with the social accountability that comes from posting your short-term goals and results publicly, Timmy and our friendly community here will motivate you to stay focused and track your progress over time.

You can use Timmy without signing up, but your session and journal will be kept only in your current browser, and you won’t get to pick a good username. It costs nothing and takes only a moment to sign up.

Timmy was built by Ron after getting inspired by a Hacker News post about Hours, and launched it five days later, on April 14, 2020. Ron and his friend E had some success using the Pomodoro technique when coding together years ago, and E’s early feedback on Timmy was invaluable.

When your timer finishes, you’ll hear a chime (that repeats every 5 minutes for three times) and be prompted to leave a note about your progress.

After leaving your finish notes, Timmy will automatically start a 5-minute break timer (configurable), which you can easily skip if you want to stay in the flow.

I’d love your feedback! Email hello@timmytimer.com.