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🏆24-Hour Leaderboard
1 orangutan_nz7m5zd 7h 45m
2 shirrr 7h 0m
3 study1ng 5h 54m
4 AlenaP 5h 15m
5 HanZowey 4h 22m
6 Cristiano7siuuu 4h 15m
7 Light 3h 30m
8 HiyajoMaho 3h 23m
9 orangutan_sm32hc8 3h 0m
10 AudioVoyeur2 2h 55m
11 delicious_biscuit 2h 51m
12 orangutan_nvfrztf 2h 30m
13 isinger 2h 22m
14 Amazingbee 2h 0m
15 larkspur 1h 50m
16 thebaddest 1h 42m
17 future_pt 1h 0m
18 bear_nkn3m8s 1h 0m
19 lion_nkd73r3 1h 0m
20 priyankvex 1h 0m
21 Mukul 45m
22 teki0 40m
23 QueenBreeze 25m
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Our Community Rules
  1. Be honest. With yourself and our community.
  2. Be on topic. Use timers only for stuff that adds value to your life: work, study, chores, exercise, meditation, etc. Don’t run up timer hours on sleep, watching Netflix, eating, etc.
  3. Be nice. No insults, gratuitous obscenities, vulgarities, hate speech, politics, religion, spam, or links to any of the above, either in timer notes or private messages.
  4. Be supportive. Recognize the efforts of other members and Like their timers occasionally. If someone is struggling, send them a supportive private message. We’re all in this together.